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Tüüp : kontroller/meediapleier
SC2900 tooteinfo
Digitaalne kontroller ja meediapleier
  • Compatible with included ENGINE Music Management Software (PC/Mac) 
  • ENGINE iPad app available for easy file searching and player status display 
  • Player Link function for sharing USB drives across multiple SC2900 / SC3900s (up to four) and for connection to ENGINE software (PC/Mac/ iPad). 
  • 7-inch Touch Sensitive ‘Eclipse’ Platter with LED Cue & Position Marker 
  • Seamless switching between media source devices 
  • Natively supported by TraktorTM 2 software, TraktorTM LE 2 included 
  • Built-In USB / MIDI control function 
  • Built-In USB audio interface (ASIO / CORE compliant) 
  • Supports CD-DA, CD-ROM and audio playback from USB memory devices (AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV) 
  • Burr Brown 24 bit DAC processing for superior audio fidelity 
  • Redesigned PLAY and CUE buttons for greater tactile feel and response 
  • Fast search and quick jump functions 
  • Top mounted USB port for USB stick and hard disk drives 
  • 4 dedicated Hot Cues (8 in MIDI mode via MIDI layer option) 
  • Auto / manual loop functions 
  • New SLIP function with dedicated button 
  • Deep pitch resolution and key adjust 
  • 4-Way BPM counter (Auto BPM, Manual TAP, Manual BPM, Reads BPM Metadata) 
  • BPM sync feature 
  • 3-way pitch bend functionality 
  • Digital output 
  • Fast loading slot-in drive

Dave Clark and SC2900


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